Make your cherished wooden puzzle whole again
Don't throw away that old puzzle. From missing knobs to entirely missing pieces, I've been able to repair almost anything.
It doesn't have to be this way
My replacements are hand cut and hand colored to make the repair as seamless as possible... 
It can be any way you want it
I also hand-cut custom wooden puzzles, including delicate figural pieces. The subject can be my choice or yours... 
Who I am
After being blindsided by a car accident a few years ago, I decided to reignite an old hobby of collecting vintage jigsaw puzzles. I quickly noticed something was pieces! So drawing from my artistic background, I started making new ones to fill those empty spaces. I never could have imagined that endeavor could have lead to meeting so many wonderful people with a similar problem and a similar passion for preserving the past. 
Contact me
I can't wait to help you save or create a puzzle you love.